Now Available:  2018-19 Respite Club Volunteer Applications! Click on the Volunteer Applications tab to begin today.

Click below to view basic qualifications and essential functions for CAMP volunteers and staff.

Basic Qualifications


The Health Care Volunteer Application is now online. Click the link below for application.

2019 Summer Camp

2019 Summer Camp applications become available in February.

The cost of summer camp is $1,500 per session. CAMP currently offers the Scholarship Tier option to any families whose camper does not receive agency funding and cannot pay the full cost.

  • Income is never a barrier to attend CAMP.  Additional assistance may be provided outside the Scholarship Tier upon request.  More details are available on the online application.
  • If your household received no taxable income for 2018 then download the “Statement of Non Taxable Income” from the online application.  Complete the form, and then submit it with supporting documentation and payment (unless paid online).
  • Foster Families – If your camper has been placed in foster care by DFPS, then download the “Foster Parent Worksheet” and follow instructions on that form. Submit the form with payment.

The Scholarship Tier costs (below) are offered based on family income.  The family’s 2018 IRS 1040 and supporting W-2’s must be submitted to qualify for this payment option.

2018 Scholarship Tier

Income Amount

Adjusted Gross Income

Camper Sibling Camper

Without Disability

$ 150K and up $ 1,500 $ 1,200
$ 90K to $ 149,999 $ 1,200 $    900
$ 50K to $ 89,999 $    900 $    600
$ 30K to $ 49,999 $    600 $    400
Below $ 30,000 $    350 $    300